25 Lifestyle Post ideas

Summer is on our doorstep and that means longer days, more time outside and lazy days pools side. It also means kids home for the summer, family vacations and less time spent inside writing blog post and working. So today I am going to share a few of my favorite blog topics ideas that you can also recycle and create… Read more →

The truth of arguments

Arguments suck! But silence is worse. My husband and I have been in this weird place over the last few months. Not exactly fighting but we aren’t speaking either. The pain of the silent treatment runs deep, when you I don’t know where things stand and you start living very separate lives things get tricky.  I don’t know when we slipped… Read more →

parenting and business

Parenting and Business

  Some days running a business is easy, somedays being a parent is the best job in the world. Put the two together and it’s the making of the perfect storm. I put my children in a new school this year which meant they had to leave their afterschool program and many of their friends. AND I had to make some changes in… Read more →